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This is the blog site of an old man. As a native Californian I call myself a prune picker. I live in a fifth wheel trailer. My front door is 25 steps from my daughter’s front door in the Piney Woods of North Louisiana. My blogs are often silly and or trivial, and some times educational and serious. I hope that some are interesting. None are long.

Preparing these blogs seems to fill a need in my life. I am compelled to do it. It helps fill the time until I die. It gives me something to do everyday.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

St Nicholas Church, Rattlesden, Suffolk, England

Thomas Munson was christened in this church in 1612, Thomas is my 8th great grand father  He was buried in New Haven, CT in  1685. I know more about Thomas than I know about any of my other great grandfathers. I hope to learn more about all of them. Genealogy is a great hobby for a person who likes history and memories. I plan to blog about my genealogical discoveries. 


  1. I think I have an ancestor baptised here in 1595. How can I find the records?

  2. I am working on the records. Comments in blogger are giving me fits.

  3. Hello!
    It is so nice to see your blog and pictures. Thomas Munson is my 9th great grandfather through his son Samuel, his son John, to John's daughter Mehitable Munson who married Benjamin Morris. I am just finding info now about his birthplace and ancestry. I have another ancestor born there too - I am looking through my records to find out which one it is. I love seeing a picture of the church where Thomas was christened. Diana Tierney

  4. Hello Chuck, It has been a pleasure to read your blogs. Just thought I would let you know that Thomas Munson is my 10th greatgrandfather. I descend from Samuel born 1643; Samuel bron 1664; Solomon born 1688; Samuel born 1717 and then Samuel's daughter Ruth who married Benjamin VanCleave. It is very interesting to find your heritage. My father's side seems to consist of wonderful ancestors from the UK, Switzerland, Holland, and Ireland.
    Quite the mixture.
    Thanks again for sharing. Judy Wyble-Girratono You may contact me via my email if you would like.

    1. You must be very young is Thomas is your 10th great-grandfather. I am so glad that you like my blogs.


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