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This is the blog of a prune picker. (Native born Californian) Retired oilfield. I am an old man. (91) I blog a lot about my body and getting old. As I approach death life gets more interesting. More interesting is not good. I still drive. I attend sports, music, and civic events. I am writing my memoirs. I attend swim class three times a week. Some of my blogs might be interesting. A lot of my blogs are silly and trivial. None are very long.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lunch at Barksdale AFB.

This was a nice luncheon. My son in law John Adams drove me, Robert Rinehart and Tommy Ledford over to Shreveport to the Barksdale Air Force Base for the affair. Robert and Tommy are also my companions at the Senior Citizen lunch. Robert and I were wounded on Peleliu Island, Tommy and I were stationed at Camp Cooke in California at the same time.

Robert visiting with a fellow Marine.

There was a large attendance..

They issued pretty hats.

The ceremony was closed with the playing of taps.

6/16/11 242/6 51.1 129 62 69 96.7 1700 99 78 0


  1. Thanks for your service. I had no idea you were at Peleliu; I hope you've recorded your memoirs somewhere. I'd love to read them.

    So glad enjoyed the luncheon and that it was a success.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. oh duh. I see it in the sidebar now. I'm a slow learner. Peleliu. Right there. In the sidebar. Duh.


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