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Prune picker is a Depression Era term for a native Californian. It was not a complement. In the thirties when I was a boy there were times that I was the only prune picker in a group. Everyone else had been born somewhere else.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Millersburg, Kentucky. pop 842.

I am excited about visiting Millersburg in September. I have run across a reference about the death and place of burial of my 3rd great grandfather. I have challenged myself to get a photograph of the gravesite of  each of my eight American great grandfathers. With this information I now know the location of two of the eight gravesites.

My 3rd great grandfather was Samuel Munson who was born between 1760 and 1765. He died in a cholera epidemic in 1833. He was buried in the Millersburg Cemetery in Millersburg, Kentucky.

Millersburg is located in North Central Kentucky some 20 miles northeast of Lexington. The direct route is through Paris. I believe that the gravesites of three more of my great grandfathers are in this area. I hope to get to them all in September. Exciting, huh?

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