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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

374 years of monson/munsons in North America.

In 1637 my 8th great grandfather, Captain Thomas Munson appeared in an Indian War in New England. In 2011 I am living in Ruston, Louisiana.That makes 374 years that America has been blessed with Monsons. My direct line ancestors from Captain Thomas have lived these eras.

1637-1765, 128 years, 34 %  is the New England era.
1765-1907, 142 years, 38 % is the Kentucky era.
1907-2011, 104 years, 28 % is the California era.

I am sorry to say that as a boy, adult, and retiree I had no conception of this. My grandfather lived until 1939. I was 14 and had never heard him mentioned, let alone the 7 American grandfathers that had proceeded him. I do not recall any notification that my grandfather had passed away. He was living in Kentucky. I thought the Monsons had come from over the ocean some 150 years ago and settled in Kentucky. With the Monson name I thought they were Swedish. It turns out that they were Normans from Normandy who settled in England after the Norman conquest of England in 1066. Before their stay in Normandy they were probably Vikings.

The last few years I have had time to study up on my ancestors. I think that they are a pretty interesting group. I would like to leave a written up family tree for my descendants. In the meantime I will occasionally spice up my blog with Munson vignettes.


  1. I've always FELT Norman. :)

    Mike Monson

  2. So, Drew is another one of these Munson/Monsons. How many of your brothers had sons?

  3. This fascinates me, please keep it coming.


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