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Saturday, June 25, 2011

September Search for great grandfather gravesites.

After more searching, reading, and map study I believe that my quest to locate the gravesites of my great grandfathers, number one through eight, is less of a job than I first thought. Basically I will be looking in two areas.Three died in New Haven county, CT which is about 30 miles square. A fourth died a hundred miles away in Morris County, NJ. Three or four days should be enough for this group.

The remaining four died in three counties in Kentucky. Fayette, Harrison, and Robertson. This area is about 50 square miles. I have learned that one of these is buried in Millersburg, Bourbon county. Four or five days could be enough for this area.

The plan for my September trip now looks like this.

Leg one to Springfield, IL to attend a genealogy conference.
Leg two to Arlington National Cemetery to place the ashes of Chris (my late son) in the gravesite with his mother, Jackie.
Leg three to New Haven CT and Morristown, NJ. Looking for the gravesites of Thomas, Samuel, Samuel, and Solomon.
Leg four to Lexington, KY. Looking for the gravesites of Samuel, Samuel, Joel, and Abner.
Leg five back home to Ruston, LA.

Did you notice four of my great grandfathers have the name Samuel? Very popular name in those days. 

The miles indicated on the map add up to 3540. I am looking forward to the trip. It will be interesting and constructive.

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