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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

(Wireline 18) Goodbye Sacramento. Hello Ventura.

Our first house in Ventura was outside the city limits. Across the street was in the city. The city line went down the middle of the street. I think the street name was Mill Street. Nancy and Chris caught a bus and went several miles out into the country to school. It was a pretty school in an orchard.

The boy next door was on the crew of the "Rubber Bomb Sneaky, the poor man's Kon Tiki". Do you remember that boat? It was made of inner tubes. It almost made it to Santa Catalina Island before it had to be towed in to Avalon Bay. It was a take off on the famous Kon Tiki raft that Thor Heyerdahl and six fellow Norwegians drifted on from Peru to Polynesia in 1947. It took 101 days. Thor was an Explorer who wanted to prove that it was possible that Easter Island and Polynesia could have been settled from South America. Yes, it is possible.

I noticed that it was cold at night along the ocean. I could not wear tee shirts all night like in Bakersfield and Sacramento. Many wells were on high hills looking out at the ocean. Other wells were in the Santa Paula Valley on the road to Newhall.

We bought our first house in Ventura. Brand new four bedroom for $14,000.  This is the house where Kerry had such a terrible fever. We did not get to live there too long. After about a year and a half in Ventura I was transferred to Santa Maria to manage a one truck station.

We enjoyed our stay in Ventura. Very scenic. At the foot of mountains right at the ocean. Walking out on the pier was a favorite family outing.

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