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Thursday, April 24, 2014

(Waterflood 6) Chris has a smoke. We move to Jena, Louisiana.

The following news item showed up on the front page of the main Long Beach newspaper. This is the paper that we received. The item stated that a Chris Monson had entered the Long Beach Police Station and went up to the policeman on duty. Mr Monson took a big draw on a marijuana cigarette and exhaled into the policeman's face. Said Mr Chris Monson was shown to a jail cell.

This shocked me. But this action by our son almost killed my wife, Jackie, with shame and mortification. I mean that it really effected her. She was almost physically ill.

Our daughter, Kerry had recently moved to Jena, Louisiana with her two small children. We dearly loved those two grandchildren. Jackie said "I want to move to Jena". So I quit my good job at LBOD, we sold our lovely home in Orange County, California, and we moved to Jena, Louisiana.

There are several people in my family who were born because Chris blew marijuana smoke into the face of a policeman. Don't tell me that life does not have many strange twists and turns.

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