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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

(Waterflood 4) Important part of our family life was the time we spent at Rossmoor.

For the next ten years or so I worked for LBOD and we lived in Rossmoor. Rossmoor was just inland from Shell Beach. This was an important part of the lives of our children. Nancy was married. Kerry was married. Chris had a terrible motorcycle accident that effected the rest of his life and was the cause of his untimely death at 62. Mike finished his pre -college schooling.

I have mentioned how Bob Wright and Nancy had fallen in love during their high school years in Coalinga. Well they kept in love after our move. Bob's folks also moved from Coalinga to Southern California about the time that we did. Nancy and Bob were married in December 1966 in Long Beach.

Now isn't that two handsome couples? Bob and Nancy's first home was a basement room at a motel in Laguna Beach where Bob worked on the desk. They have done  well in their married life. They now live in a gated community in Dana Point.

Kerry married John Morgan Adams in January 1978. John and Kerry just celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. I live in my fifth wheel trailer in their yard.

They sure were a good looking wedding couple. They are a good looking retired couple now. They live on a wooded lot with many critters. Possums, raccoons, armadillo, deer. They brought dog, cats, rabbits.

They were so good to Jackie in her time before passing away. They are so good to me now before I pass away. I love them and appreciate them.

Our family spent many happy years in Rossmoor.

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