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Monday, April 28, 2014

(Waterflood 10) Start working for Champlin Oil Company.

The Champlin office was on Henry Ford Avenue on Terminal Island. It was located almost in the center of the subsidence area. They had built huge dikes all around the lease to to keep the ocean out. LBOD was not in the center of the worst subsidence and had filled in to bring their lease above sea level after welding pipe to the tops of their wells. The original zero point of the LBOD wells was now below ground. All old wells had two sets of measurements. One from old zero and another from the new zero. Life can get complicated.

Champlin had some interesting work for me. They were running tests on different methods for enhancing the oil recovery from old fields. Every major oil company was doing the same research. The Federal Department of Energy was coordinating the efforts.

All of the EOR (enhanced oil recovery) methods involved putting something in to formation and pushing oil to the production wells.

First was water, steam, co2, polymers, diluents, and many more.

I had worked on water floods and steam floods. At Champlin I worked on diluents. Later I will return to work at LBOD and work on steam and polymer floods.

Soon I will get a job with Superior Oil in Texas. I believe my experience in well log interpretation and various EOR methods were instrumental in my getting hired by Superior. (But I am getting ahead of my story)

We rented a nice house in Huntington Beach. Jackie and I (and I think Kerry) were delighted when Kerry's old Jena trade school teacher, John Adams, joined us. Kerry and John were married in the living room of our Huntington Beach home on January 21, 1978. 36 years ago.

I am glad that they did. They own the RV Park that I have lived in for the last eight years. My front door is 25 steps from their front door. It is the best RV Park that I have ever lived in.


  1. Hey, Big Man, can't help but note your struggle with your weight. Don't give up. Your getting the exercise; a bit of a change in your diet might help. As someone who reached 325 (I can't believe it - I'm 6'3" and almost my entire adult life I never got over 210) and am now on the way down (20+ pounds down so far), I can say it's a real pain but I know it's worth it. We anonymous readers of your blog want you to stick around a bit longer, so hang in there.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. I really appreciate your interest. Good luck to you.


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