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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Munson's Hill

In 1851 a farmer from New York established an extensive nursery on a hill in the Falls Church area of Virginia. The farmer was a cousin of mine named Daniel O. Munson. The hill was a few miles out of Washington, DC. The hill was named Munson's Hill. The nursery was Munson's Hill Nursery.

When the Union Army lost the First Battle of Bull Run they withdrew all forces out of Northern Virginia. The Confederate Army occupied the area around Munson's Hill. Their sharpshooters could reach and kill many Union soldiers. With spy glasses the observers in Washington could see many ominous black cannon on Munson's Hill.

Soon the Confederate Army withdrew from Munson's Hill. Much to the chagrin of the Union Army the cannon was found out to be tree trunks painted black!  The following song was composed.

Munson' Hill Nursery was in business until the mid 1900s. It is now under the city. The Munson's Hill Towers covers some of the land.

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