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Thursday, December 18, 2014

synovial-mucoid cyst

Synovial-mucoid cysts have come into my life. Now I am going to tell you more than you ever wanted to know about this kind of cyst. A few weeks ago a bump formed on the middle finger of my right hand. A week or two ago I pulled the top of the bump off and clear fluid came out. (the Doctor said this was a no no). I thought that was the end of the bump. Not so. It came back and started to hurt. It looked like a blister.

I went to a clinic in Ruston. I thought a simple hole in the thing would let it drain and that would do it. I could tell the nurse did not like the looks of my bump and did not want to treat it. The nurse called in the Doctor. The Doctor said that he thought it was a wart and said something about a biopsy. The nurse excused me and recommended that I go to a skin doctor. 

I called my Doctor with the VA in Monroe. Dr Carter looked at a picture of my bump that I phoned to her and told me to go to Urgent Care at the Shreveport VA Hospital. Off I went.

The VA Urgent Care Doctor said that the bump was a synovial-mucoid cyst. He ordered a heavy duty biotic shot in my butt, And seven days worth of pills. I hope that surgery will not be necessary

Not too nice a cyst, huh? Here is a photo of a typical synovial-mucoid cyst.

Looks like my bump. I sure hope my bump goes away. I look at it every few minutes and touch it to check the soreness. It does not hurt except when I touch it.

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