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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Kirsten Barnes. 1991 - 2014.

Kirsten was a sweet girl that I met while she was working at Jefferson Corner. She was the niece of my good friends AB and David. AB was an anonymous commenter on my blog for years. She finally told me who she was and I had several visits with her and her husband, David.

Kirsten lived with AB and David. The three were fans of my prunepicker blog.

Kirsten passed away last Saturday, December 7, 2014. Along with Rosa Blakley and Rhonda Ray I attended her funeral this evening. I broke down, cried, and hugged AB and David at the reception. They loved Kirsten so very much.

There was a large attendance at the funeral. Maybe 150. Several people told funny stories about Kirsten. Kirsten had many friends.

God Bless Kirsten and her family. She was a sweet, jolly girl. Only 23. She will be missed.


  1. oh man this news hit hard. She was such a cool person to talk with when passing through JC. Last I had heard she was working at a nursery I believe. such sad news. had not seen anything about this until your post.

    1. She was nice and fun to be with. She was going to school in El Dorado.

  2. Oh Mr. Chuck. This post was so sweet. Thank you for loving our girl. We miss her so very much. It meant so much that you and Rhonda and Mrs. Rosa came to the service. We are just trying to take things one minute at a time. It isn't easy. I know that you understand. We love you, Mr. Chuck.

    Love and hugs,

    AB (Andrea) and David

    1. I understand and my heart goes out to you and David. God bless you. Love


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