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Monday, December 1, 2014

Murder on the Adam's Farm.

John and I returned home a little after 12 noon yesterday. John discovered the body of the chicken above in the woods a short distance from the the gazebo. Her head had been eaten off! The other chickens were out of sight. They shortly returned as we looked and called for them.

We think that the assailant might have been a cat. We sometimes see one in the yard. It must have been a small animal that could not carry the body away. There was a spot with many feathers. The chicken must have put up a good fight.

Now I know how a cattleman feels when the wolves kill a cow. Sad and angry.

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  1. That's a raccoon behavior - tear off the head and eat the guts from the top. Adult chickens can usually fight off a cat. Get a couple of hens protecting their broods, and the cat that wanders by will be a battered and pecked loser.


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