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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My life is not cool !

Since I arrived home from my 2012 Final Tour of the West Coast my life has heated up. The refrigerator and the air conditioner stopped working. They were 16 years old and that is good service for RV appliances. To replace the frig I went to Lowes and purchased a 1.7 cubic foot counter top frig.

This worked fine, The box keeps my milk, cheese and grapes cold. It is really handier that the two door RV frig.

I pondered on the AC. With a thought that a big fan would do. It does not. Move from in front of the fan and you are hot. I have had trouble sleeping at night.

Yesterday this dual zone thermometer indicated an outside temperature of 90 and an inside temperature of 93. At one this morning it was 82 out and 90 in ! I was trying to sleep on my recliner with two fans blowing on me. Life without AC is not cool.

Portable AC units in this area are all sold out. Yesterday the lady at Lowes spent an hour trying to get me one. We finally gave up. On the way home I thought "how about Amazon?" In ten minutes online I had ordered an AC unit. It will be here tomorrow. I can hardly wait. Maybe I will sleep in the air conditioned house next door tonight.

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  1. Wow! 16 years old service of this appliances was incredible. Now a days I think we couldn't find an appliances which can service like 16 years. Thank you for sharing and hope things will fall in its proper places.


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