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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dr Aeneas Munson, distant cousin.

Dr Aeneas Munson was a prominent citizen in New Haven, Connecticut during and after the Revolutionary War. He was a president of the Connecticut Medical Society and a professor at the Yale Medical School from its founding until his death. He served as a military surgeon in the siege of Yorktown.

He received the following letter from Nathan Hale.

A Letter from Nathan Hale to Dr. Aeneas Munson in New Haven
New London, November 20, 1774
I am happily situated here. I love my employment: find many

friends among strangers: have time for scientific study, and seem to fill the place assigned me with satisfaction. I have a school of more than thirty boys to instruct, about half of them in latin; and my salary is satisfactory. During the summer I had a morning class of young ladies—about a score—from five to seven o’clock, so you see my time is pretty fully occupied, profitably I hope to my pupils and to their teacher.
Please accept for yourself and Mrs. Munson the grateful thanks of one who will always remember the kindness he ever experienced whenever he visited your abode.
Your friend, Nathan Hale 

Nathan joined the Revolutionary Army and was hanged by the English for spying. He is the brave young man who stated that his only regret was that he had only one life to lose for his country.

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