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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day. 11-11-2014

I started with the usual Tuesday morning breakfast at the VFW Post. It was delicious as usual. Lots of good company.

After breakfast I went over to Tech to walk the treadmill and see John Morgan Adams. John was working out. After treadmill we went downstairs in the Lambright Wellness Center to have coffee together. We were surprised that they had put the coffee up. They are changing brands. I invited John to have coffee on me at Starbucks. He agreed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the coffee was free, courtesy of Starbucks for Veterans Day.

I had a short break at home and headed to the Veterans Day Program at the National Guard Armory.

JD Harper, Commander of the VFW Post opened the program. 

The Mayor of Ruston spoke,

Ernie Williams, the Director of the local Louisiana Military Museum, was the main speaker. He gave an absorbing and excellent talk on some of his experiences as a Marine in the Vietnamese War.

Ernie said at this time America has 30,262,624 veteran. 

After the program a nice meal was served. Courtesy of Super One.

It was a good program and I am glad that I went. Veterans Day 2014 is almost over now except for a free supper at Applebees. John and Kerry are going with me to keep me company.

I have very much appreciated, during the day, many kind and salutary remarks directed at me over Facebook by family and friends.

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