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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christopher David Monson. Family Tree.

I have decided to concentrate my genealogical work on researching a family tree for my oldest son Chris. This will keep me busy for some time. (The rest of my life?) I plan to keep up my prune picker blog. I experimented with reducing the frequency of the prune picker blogs but I did not like it. I feel compelled to write a blog a day. I feel very uneasy when I skip a day. I will pull interesting stories out of the family tree to put in my blog.

The family tree of Chris will contain the tree data for his Mother and his Father. The tree would be the same for his siblings. I think that it will be a very challenging and interesting tree. The tree would go back to roots in:

1. England and early settlers in New England.
2. Ireland.
3. Choctaw Indian Tribe.
4. Swiss Germans in Central Europe.
5. Scotland.


  1. Replies
    1. It will be slow. I will post findings occasionally. I have been days trying to determine the parents of Francis Dinwoodie, He is Neway's Father.


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