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Monday, November 17, 2014

I owe the State of Texas $7.07. (for driving the fastest highway in America.)

On the way to San Antonio a month ago I stopped for lunch in Lockhart. It has been said the Lockhart has the oldest and best barbecue restaurants in Texas. Lunch was delicious. Then I left Lockhart to drive south on Texas 130. This highway was just recently finished and has the highest legal speed limit in the USA. 85 miles per hour. I set the the cruise control on 90 miles per hour and sailed for 41 miles to Sequin.

It was quite a ride. I was mostly alone and the highway is built good.

I just received a bill from the Texas Tollways Customer Service Center for $7.07. It turns out that Texas 130 is a toll road. If you drive 90 miles per hour for 41 miles you have to pay the toll.

So I have driven the highest speed limit road in America. I have previously driven the Loneliest Road in America. It is the stretch of US 50 that covers Central Nevada. I drove it many times going to wells in the Ely area from Sacramento, while working for Schlumberger.

Can I come up with another "est" road? Stay tuned.

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