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Friday, November 7, 2014

I love my new quilt!

A group of ladies have been making quilts for local veterans. They make a dozen each year. This is their fourth year and I am one of the lucky veterans. The ladies are part of the Hospital sponsored Senior Circle.

The Senior Circle presented the quilts yesterday afternoon at a wonderful program in front of the flag pole in front of the Hospital. Tami Davis led the program. She did a great job. She phoned me at least a dozen times during the year to check me out on the quilt program. I wish to say that I am so appreciative of her efforts, the quilters, the Hospital and the Senior Circle. I love my new quilt and snuggled under it last evening.

Twelve recipients in the front row.

The Old Prunepicker is about to cry.

The ROTC presented the colors.

Kristi Hardaway, the lady in the picture, sang the Star Spangled Banner.  She did it so good!

Tami opened the program.

Ruston Mayor Elect Ronny Walker brought remarks and a opening prayer.

Senior Circle Quilter Julie Mohr gave the history of the Quilts for Heroes program,

Julie also gave a few remarks about each veteran as they were presented their new quilts by Suzy Broussard.

The lovely lady is my daughter Kerry Adams. All photos were shot by John Adams.

Brady Dubois Hospital CEO gave some remarks. He thanked 
the veterans for their service.

Quilt title block.

That is a lovely quilt. I do so appreciate it.

I told people that if I had known about the quilt I would have gone in the Army sooner.


  1. What an honor! I'm so proud to be your granddaughter.

    1. Thank you Joy. I am proud to be your grandfather.


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