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Friday, April 6, 2012

Stone Circles.

Stone circles are fascinating. On Friday, May 18, my daughter Nancy and I will take a Mad Max tour of Stonehenge. I have spent some interesting hours googleing stone circles. People have been building stone circles all over the world for up to 10,000 plus years. The dirt mounds at the Poverty Point, Louisiana Indian mound site were built in a half circle.

There are 1000 stone circles in the British Isles. One interesting thing about the circles is how little we know about them. For many years they were considered burial spots. Some are, but most are not. For many years no credence was given to the idea that they had any thing to do with astronomy. It was thought that ancient man had no understanding of such things. It is now believed that most were built based on some firm knowledge of the heavens. Stonehenge is built at a latitude that has special astronomical significance. The huge stones used in the construction of Stonehenge had to be moved 250 miles. The location must have been important to the builders.

stone circles are universally holy construction
They symbolize the sacred doorway,
the center of the universe,
the dwelling place of the life forces

---Author unknown

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  1. I'm sort of hung up on stone circles, myself. There are many in France as well...and of course, thought the UK. We saw some up in the northern islands of Scotland five years ago.


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