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Monday, April 23, 2012

Ruston World War II Prisoner of War Camp.

I have read one book on this camp and was just exposed to another book on the camp.  The books are "Playing with the enemy" and "Fish out of water". Both books are largely concerned with the U-Boat crew that was secretly held at the camp during the war. The Red Cross was not informed. A very important code machine was captured with the submarine crew. It was important that the enemy not know about our possession of the machine.

For several years I have tried to find the remains of the camp. Today John Mathewes guided me there. John is a life long resident of the area and was a fireman. He knows this country.

We found the bleachers for the baseball diamond and two of the original buildings. The ball diamond was an important factor in the book "Playing with the enemy".

John could remember a time when he had lunch with German POWs. My Christmas dinner of 1945 was at Fort Lewis, Washington. The dinner was served by German POWs.


  1. wow, I'm fascinated by the idea/image of German POW waiters at Christmas. Especially since I've been working for Germans for six years now.

  2. For an interview of one of the Camp Ruston POWs, please see my blog at: I wrote the book "Fish Out of Water"--available at
    Wesley Harris


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