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Monday, April 16, 2012

Hogskin Holidays Festival in Hampton, Arkansas.

On the way home from Mountain View last Friday, Jewette Farley and I were stopped by a parade in Hampton, Arkansas. We were thrilled to find out that the parade was an annual parade held during the Hogskin Holidays Festival.

During the Big Depression, there was a lot of marked hogs loose in Calhoun County. During the depression money was hard to come by and food was scarce, so people from the surrounding counties would come hog hunting. They would kill the hogs and skin them in the woods. They would leave the marked skins hanging on trees and fences. There were so many hog skins left in the woods that Calhoun County became known as Hogskin County. For 20 years the people of Calhoun County have celebrated their heritage with the "Hogskin Holidays Festival and Pork Cook-Off".


  1. Hey, do they also skin any hogs during the festival? I bet there are still people who is doing that for a living.

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  2. Could be where they get the pork for the cook-off.


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