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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samuel Munson and Henry Lyman, Christian Martyrs in Indonesia.

In June of 1833 Samuel Munson and Henry Lyman and their wives set sail from Boston. Samuel was a distant cousin of mine. He was 29. Samuel and Henry were Christian Missionaries that were sent to Indonesia. These two young men had spent years in religious, medical, and language studies.

In Java Samuel’s wife Abbie gave birth to a son who was named Samuel of course. It is believed that the baby was the first American to be born in Java. Their son came home to have a military career in the West.

Sadly both Samuel and Henry were murdered in 1834 by natives on the island of Sumatra. Check this link to read more about the story,


  1. Dear Sir

    I want to asking you
    Are you a direct descendant of the priest Samuel Munson who had evangelized in Indonesia, especially in northern Sumatera?
    I'm looking for them. if you please respond to my email to

  2. A full story of the martyrdom of Samuel Munson and Henry Lyman have been written his George Munson. The book is entitled "More than the conquerors"


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