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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mobile Hotspot on an iphone.

I ordered the new iphone 4s with Mobile Hotspot service. I am very uncertain that I will be able to get Hughes Net at John and Kerry's new home. The trees only permit a view of the sky from the very top of the house. The router should send a signal to Kerry's computer but I do not know if the router will be able to send a signal to my trailer. My trailer will be very close to where the camera was located when the picture below was shot.

I sat yesterday about where my trailer will be and tested the phone Mobile Hotspot for several hours. It worked pretty good. With the phone hotspot I can surf anywhere there is a cell signal. This could be handy on trips. It will be good to say good by to Hughes Net. We will see how it goes.

That would be replacing a dish, a control box, and a router with a cell phone. There is a charge from AT & T for the mobile hotspot service.

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