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Prune picker is a Depression Era term for a native Californian. It was not a complement. In the thirties when I was a boy there were times that I was the only prune picker in a group. Everyone else had been born somewhere else.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Four Monson Men

I do not have a group picture of the four Monson men. So I picked out a nice picture of each. They are all WW 2 era pictures. One of us was in the Marines, one was in the Navy, one was in the Army, and my oldest brother, Keith, was a defense plant worker. He made airplanes in El Segundo. He was married with children when the war came along. The pictures are arranged by age. Top is Keith, then George, then Warren, then Chuck.

Genealogy data.

Keith b. 1916 in Redlands, CA d. 1975 in Pomona, CA Age 59.
George b. 1918 in Riverside, CA d. 2003 in Van Nuys, CA Age 85.
Warren b. 1921 in Chino, CA d. 2003 in Seattle, WA Age 82
Chuck b. 1925 in Pomona, CA

We had a lot of  discussions about who was winning the war!
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  1. George was a total Hottie! And you looked like a tough ass!!!


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