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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Your heart is pumping like the heart of a teenager!

I have been having sieges of very low blood pressure that bothered me. (Vision and dizzy)

I commented to my doctor. I am so fortunate to have her as my doctor. She is Dr Jacqueline Carter. She is with the VA in Monroe. I have been seeing her for seven years. She set up several tests and made several changes in my treatment. Reduced a heart medicine dosage, added a water pill, and prescribed compression stockings.

The tests were a stress test, heart echogram, carotid artery exam, and an esophagus exam. The stress test indicated my heart was pumping good but had a few blockages.

She called after the heart echogram and made the comment "your heart is pumping like a teenager".

I tend to have low blood pressure but it has not been a problem since I started the water pill.

Below is a table of my vital signs. Columns are date, steps, weight, blood pressure and pulse. I am adding temperature.

Notice my static weight. Do not seem to be able to get below 240.

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