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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

First Annual Dirty South Marathon in West Monroe, Louisiana. Part I.

The First Annual Dirty South Marathon will be on Sunday, October 12, in West Monroe, Louisiana. The race starts at 7:30 am.

The term "Dirty South" comes from a type of hip-hop music that is different from East Coast and West Coast hip-hop. Maybe Third Coast? (I am not an expert on music.) I believe that it means everything south of the Mason -Dixon Line.

The marathon will start and end at the Ike horse pavilion in West Monroe. I will be there with my prune picker camera. I have never been to a marathon. I am excited. The course runs all around West Monroe.

Miles 5 to 10 are along the beautiful Ouachita River.

I have a friend who is running in the race. It is her 16th marathon!

She is Deena Marie Ferguson. She is the Manager of the Ruston Starbucks. Several years ago I had on my Cal Poly cap (gift from grand daughter Joy of West Monroe.) when I stopped at Starbucks. Deena told me that her son had also graduated from Cal Poly. (located in San Luis Obispo, California.) Over the years we have become fast friends. She is always a pleasant face at Starbucks. A hard worker.

I am looking forward to the race next Sunday.

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