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Sunday, October 26, 2014

A fish fry at Lake Bruin, Louisiana.

Lake Bruin is an oxbow lake that was formed when a meander of the Mississippi River was separated from the Mississippi.

It is located across the Mississippi from Natchez. About an hour south of Talulah.

You can see it on the map above. It is in the center of the map to the Northwest of the Mississippi. It is a beautiful lake. It looks like a river, which was a while ago. In 1937 (I was 12) the electric company built a fishing camp on the north shore. There is a large building and several cabins. They must be full of memories for many electric company employees. It is still in use 77 years after being built.

John Adams as a retiree from the company can rent it. He did this last weekend and invited his daughter Joy and the Newberry family and his wife and me to a fish fry. 

It was so good. Much fun playing and sitting in the yard. We all had a good time. Thank you, John!

The day ended with a huge bonfire which was enjoyed by all present.

Yes all of that wood was consumed by the fire. Fun!

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