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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

They really take good care of school kids in Franklinton, Louisiana.

I spent Monday night with the Millers in Franklinton. My four year old  (youngest) great granddaughter , Johnny Lynn, lives there with Pop and Mom Miller. I was able to ride along when Johnny Lynn was picked up Monday evening and when she was dropped off Tuesday morning.

I was very impressed by the procedure used by the school. Parents drive and park in lines two abreast. The children are held in a big holding room and are escorted from the door to their parent's car. The school coaches do the escort duty. The school is K through the 12th grade, so there is lots of staff. The morning drop off runs a little faster as children do not have to be sorted and identified at the door.

It is very impressive to see the system in operation.. It is a sad sign of our times that this is necessary..

It must be stressful to work at a school any more. Look at one of the precious students. Johnny Lynn.

She is so very much worth all of the care taken by the Franklinton School District.

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  1. I was hoping you would blog some pictures from your trip to Katie's. I bet Johnny Lynn loved having Papa Chuck at her house!


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