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Monday, September 30, 2013

Searchlights sweeping the sky meant Preview Night.

Every week or so in the 1930s the Fox Theatre in Pomona would have a preview showing of a new movie. They would sweep the skies with several searchlights.  I loved movies. On preview nights you would see the two regular movies plus the preview. Three movies for the price of two. They had preview cards for the new movie for patrons to fill out. The comments would help in the final editing of the film.

I liked preview night and would watch the sky for the searchlights.

The Pomona, California Fox Theatre was built in 1931. I was six. I was living in a rooming house run by Mr and Mrs Butcher. They were the parents of my future brother in law Butch. He later married my sister Jean. Their daughter Ruth was a very good looking girl who had a job as a usherette at the new theatre. This six year old boy was very impressed.

What a fancy place. I remember that the floor of the outside foyer was polished cement aggregate.


  1. What did it cost to go to preview night? My father used to try to get a nickel or a dime from his older siblings or their boyfriends/girlfriends to go to the Saturday matinee. They would pay the little pest off to keep him from minding their business. You got a movie and the latest chapter in the serial. Even in the 50's in Berkeley, they had the searchlights at the movie theaters. I had forgotten that!

    1. I believe that the price was the same as the standard price. A dime.

  2. Dear Chuck,

    I absolutely adore your blog.

    Do you have an email address I can contact you on please?

    It is with regards to this photograph

    I would like to find out if I can gain permission to use it in a book about short wedding dresses?

    Best Wishes

    -Tobi Hannah

    1. Thanks Tobi for your kind remarks. Nancy said it is ok for you to use the picture. Please let me know how to see your use of the picture. It is a favorite of mine.


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