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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Why are there so many Munson//Monsons in America?

My 8th grand father Thomas Munson only had one son, Samuel. Thomas was busy founding Hew Haven and fighting in Indian Wars.

My 7th grand father Samuel founded a smaller city Wallingford. He took time out to have nine sons. But wait, those nine had 23 sons! No wonder the Thomas Munson heirs had to move west. Currently the Munson are divided into 23 Clans named after the 23 great-grandsons of Thomas. Can you imagine having 23 great grandsons? I have six.

We all know that the good bloodlines come down from women. There is a lot of attention paid to the feminine Munsons in the The Munson Record.  The Munson Record is a five volume set of Munson genealogy. I was thrilled to find my Father mentioned in Volume 3.

My family is in the Solomon Clan. They started in Connecticut, stopped in New Jersey, had a long stop in Kentucky, a short stop in Kansas, and then on to California. 

I am sure each ancestor is worthy of a blog post or two.

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