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Monday, May 2, 2016

Senior Softball Game 2016. Prunepicker Katelynn Cook gets a hit and gets hurt on Saturday. Honored on Sunday at the Senior Game.

Katelynn played in her last Techster Home Series this last Saturday and Sunday. The Techsters played Southern Miss. In the first game Katelynn got a hit (her swing is pictured below) and scored a run. Unfortunately she hurt her hand sliding into home plate. 

Katelynn runs to play center field.

Katelynn is number14. 

Katelynn aims her bat.

Katelynn gets a hit up the middle!

Katelynn standing on third base aiming at home plate. She was hit in, had to slide, made a run, and hurt her hand. Not too bad I hope. Her playing was over for the series, darn it.

On Katelynn's right is one of her big fans. Her Mom, Patty Cook from Chowchilla, California.

Before the Sunday Senior Game the six Techster Seniors line up. We thank them for their playing and wish them the best.

The Athletic Director presents Katelynn with a Certificate.

Two nice Prune puckers.

Best wishes to Katelynn and her team mates for the future. My thanks to them for many hours of viewing pleasure.


  1. Chuck Wow!!! I just saw this post!! Great Pictures!! Could you email me some of the ones of katelynn in the outfield??

    I would like to personal invite to lunch after graduation, it's just us and a good friend of ours family. I know Katelynn said you were shy, but it's only about 10 of us, we would love to have you join us. It will be after graduation at 129 Bear Creek Road Ruston. Please join us!! my cell# is 559-706.3805

    1. Meeting Katelynn and watching her play softball was the high light of the year for me! I fell in love with her. I did so want to attend her graduation (and the lunch after) but family obligations make it impossible. I wish her and her loved ones the very best for the future.


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