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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

McKinley Home For Boys. Another blog.

Henry Klein was so kind to send a CD of photos of the early years of the McKinley Home for boys to me. Herb is a fellow alum of the school. The pictures rally caught my eye. Many are good quality. What really delighted me was an aerial view of the campus and the San Fernando Valley behind the school. The photo of the school was taken in the thirties and looks just like I remember it.

The school was in Van Nuys. The school was moved to San Dimas years ago. The bucolic scene above has been replaced by freeways, business, and residential development. The main part of the campus is now under a huge mall.

I was in the second dorm, downstairs, and on this end of the dorm. It was a good school for two or three hundred boys. But it did not seem like home for a seven  year old boy. 

The rest of this blog is devoted to a dozen or more pictures from the CD that Herb sent. I think they give the feel of the place. Mostly pleasant. Here are links to two of my other blogs about McKinley.

The Marines got their inspiration from this scene.

Thanks Henry. I enjoyed the CD. Good luck on your archiving.

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