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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Unique softball game. Techsters 8 LSU 30!

My heart went out to the Techsters. What terrible experience for them. It was bad for me. They stopped the game after six innings. Those six innings took 3 hours and 45 minutes. From 5 to 8:45. I could not leave. I would have been a traitor.

I was an hour early for the game. The parking lot and stands were full. Had to walk a couple of blocks. It was the biggest crowd they have had for a softball game. Almost 2000.

At the end of four innings the score was 12 to 5 against us. I have a picture of the scoreboard. Then in the top of the sixth they scored 15 runs! They scored ten runs before their first out. Final score was 30 to 8. I could not get a picture of the scoreboard, as they turned the board off seconds after the game ended. I do not blame them.

The Techsters have been doing great, They played five games in a recent tournament. I went to all five games. They won all five games.

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