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Friday, March 4, 2016

Fresh delicious Cajun Food. From the Piney Woods of North Louisiana. T-Reds Phone 318-305-1065.

Mr and Mrs Adam Walker are good people. And good cooks. They saw a need for good fresh Cajun food in North Louisiana. So T-Red and Chelsey (their real names) did something about it.After several years of study and work (and money) they built a manufacturing plant in downtown Pea Ridge. Pea Ridge is an area on the outskirts of Dubach, Louisiana. For six months they have been making pork cracklins. They are delivered fresh to over 80 stores in North Louisiana. It is also shipped out of state.

T-Red and Chelsey have a successful business making pork cracklins. (they are so good!) They have added crawfish (also so good). They plan to add boudin. They will make the boudin in several flavors.

This post on the Prunepicker blog is a pictorial story (with some detours) of the turning of frozen pigskin into a delicious crunchy delicacy. Within a few hours it is delivered. The pictures above and below are of the pork being precooked.

The steel kettles used in cooking is modified pressure vessel caps. Half inch thick.

T-Red starts the process by lifting 75 pound boxes of frozen pork out of a freezer. Not a very soft job.

With a high speed saw T-Red cuts the slabs up to a size suitable for precooking.

The dark streaks are pork rind.

The cracklins after being popped.

The cracklins after being pre-cooked and before popped.

The cracklins getting popped. Real hot grease. T-Red called me over to hear the popping. Like rice krispees..

Chelsey packing the cracklins into bags and filling trays for her route.

Chelsey delivering to the Jefferson Convenience Store. Less than a couple hours before this (8 am) I watched these cracklins being popped. That is fresh delicious Cajun food on the counter!

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