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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Robert Rinehart's 23 year old cat.

I heard about this cat from Robert's grand daughter Rebecca. The cat was with Robert for all of the 23 years. The cat was with Robert for 25 % of Robert's life. The cat (named "Cat" by Robert) still lives in Robert's barn. He is fed every afternoon by Rebecca. I thought that Cat was worthy of a Prunepicker blog.

Cat is a pretty cat. He does not look his age. The latest recommended cat age calculation says that 23 cat years is equivalent in human years to 108. Every year from now on is equivalent to 4 human years. Next year he will be 112. I plan to visit him. It will be like visiting Robert.

Look at those big feet.  And the pretty long hair. The hair was all snarled but has been unsnarled by Rebecca. This unsnarling operation was only possible while "Cat" was eating! We are pretty sure that "Cat" is a Manx. The main line of the Manx cat is short haired. Technically "Cat" is a long haired Manx.

Below is a photo of the standard Manx. The breed comes in all colors.


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