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Saturday, March 12, 2016

New born kittens in my closet! (3-12-2016)

Took me a while to find them.

Yesterday Patches spent the day on my lap. I would put her in a box I had stuffed with rags and hold her there for a bit. Trying to talk her into having her kittens there. No luck. In the morning I left at 5 am. Thought Patches was out, so I pulled the door to, I have been leaving the door almost ajar so she could go in out as she pleased.

When I came home at 10 am she was no where to be seen. (She has been coming to me whenever I come home.) I assumed that she had gone under the deck and had her kittens. I went in the trailer and she was there! And her body looked like she had given birth. (She was still large like she had more kittens) She gave me some lap time and went into the bedroom. I looked for her. She was not there? I looked every where. Then I thought about the closest.

 There she was with two kittens. She had figured out how to open the door and use the closet for a nursery.

There they are. One red and one pink. 12 hours old. There will be many more pictures and blogs about them. Gee, I will have to name them

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  1. They NEVER want to have them where you think they might like it.


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