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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The kitty litter came in from the woods!

Patches is the mother of the litter. Patches came in out of the woods last year and adopted us. You may remember the terrible bite she had in a rear leg. Also she lost one of the two kittens in her first litter.

She settled in with us and whoops, had a second litter. The first five weeks after the birth of the second litter were odd. Patches ate all her meals at the Adams's house. She would be on my porch at four in the morning for food and would come back several more times in the day for more food. She bummed a lot of water also. She fed her kittens somewhere else. We never saw any kittens. I tried to follow Patches to her kittens but she would lose me in the woods. I checked her wet nipples and guessed that she had two of three kittens. I was very frustrated because I never saw any kittens. (I am very pro kitten. My children taught me.)

Yeah! The kittens came out of the woods today at lunch time. Three kittens. Tabby, red, and pink. (beige?)

John is teaching the kitty to eat solid food. When they do they can go to new homes.


  1. Please get Patches spayed. There is probably a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area.


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