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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

(Youth Bay Area 4) My trip to the San Francisco 1939 Worlds Fair.

I was used to fairs. The Los Angeles County Fair was and is located in Pomona. It is a huge fair. I was there most every day of the three weeks it was open. I like a fair.

When the World's Fair opened in San Francisco I made plans to go. I was an experienced hitch hiker and my Aunt Marjorie live nearby. I was 14 and ready to travel. In the summer of 1939 I arrived at Aunt Marjorie's house. She now lived in Berkley.

Aunt Marjorie drove me to the fair. We spent the day there. It was located on a land filled island named Treasure Island in the middle of the Oakland Bay.

I remember an outdoor drama with horses and covered wagons. The curtain was a row of water fountains. I was impressed.

The next day I went to the fair alone. Rode the bus. I had an interest in the Sally Rand Nudist Ranch on the gayway. (I was a 14 year old boy,)

I had a box camera and took several pictures of the front of the Nude Ranch attraction. I took the film to a drugstore in Berkley. When I got the prints back the film and prints of the Nude Ranch were missing. I guess that the film processor did not think that a 14 year old boy should have pictures of scantily clad cowgirls.

The fair was large and impressive. I had a good time. Another good visit with Aunt Margery.

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