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Sunday, September 27, 2015

(Youth Bay Area 3) My first trip to the Bay Area.

I must have been 9 or 10 years old the first time that I visited the Bay Area. I have no memory of how I got there. (to Aunt Marjorie's home in Oakland. It is a 400 mile trip from Pomona.) Later trips I hitch hiked or drove my Model A. This how I decided on my age at the first trip. Aunt Marjorie took me to San Francisco to meet other Aunts and Uncles for a picnic at Golden Gate Park. To get there we rode a ferry from Oakland to San Francisco. The Oakland Bay Bridge was completed in 1936. I was born in 1925. We had to take the ferry because the bridge was under construction. On my next visit we used the bridge.

I can remember a nice picnic on the lawn at the Golden Gate Park with several of my Knowlton relatives. I remember going to the aquarium. Probably my first aquarium.

We drove through the Sea Cliff area of San Francisco. I used to listen to the radio drama "One Man's Family" with Grandma Knowlton. She lived with us for several years in Pomona after my Mom passed away. It was a very popular drama and took place in Sea Cliff. I remember that the program started with the sound of fog horns.

This how the neighborhood looked like at Aunt Marjorie's. It was not this fancy, but you get the idea. I believe that the sidewalk was right at the garage door. It was very strange to this ten year old boy from the country.

Aunt Marjorie took me to a huge farmers market in Oakland. It was in a large building with many booths.

Aunt Marjorie made ice cream in an ice cube tray. It was delicous.

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  1. The best ice cream is from an ice cube tray. And I'm 20 years younger than you!


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