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Sunday, May 17, 2015

A City Of Refuge. Vinton, Louisiana.

Yesterday, Saturday, May 16, 2015 six members of the VFW Post in Ruston drove some 200 miles to Vinton, Louisiana. They were in two pickups. One was pulling a cargo trailer holding food and supplies for The City Of Refuge. The City Of Refuge is a facility to temporarily house and feed homeless veterans. We were able to view the place and gain an appreciation of the good work that is done there. There is no Government money or support for The City of Refuge.

On the way to Vinton we stopped at the rice farm of Mr Hoppe who gave us a supply of rice for The City. It is a special delicious rice and some of the six purchased some.

This is Burt Stigen, top man at The City.

Guard cat.

The cabins are rustic, but clean, appealing, and home like.

Burt and his buddy. JD. JD is top man at the Ruston VFW Post.

The Chapel looked well used.

The kitchen also looked well used.

Mrs  Burt and her buddy JD.

The line up. Do any of these folks look guilty? They are not. Just a bunch of nice people. From left to right they are ; Chuck Monson, Mrs Burt, JD Harper, Jeff Ferguson, Patrick Barrington, Gary King, Burt Stigen, and Emanual Seals.


  1. Some. Especially when I am on foot for a long time.


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