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Monday, May 25, 2015

10th Annual Cook Baptist Church Fish Fry for Veterans and Spouses.

This guy has had a lot to do with it. From fishing and planning to MC of the program.

This is the famous Richard Smith Jones. What a great affair it was today. We ate, had tea, desert, pledged allegiance, sang the National Athen, acknowledged the service branch that we served in, and received some gospel enlightenment from Richard Jones, and were excused in an hour and a half. You just can not do better than that. The following pictures indicate what went on.

Ken Lantrip was one of the cooks. He and my son in law John Adams on the right played football together at Louisiana Tech. John had found a 1966 Lake Charles newspaper that had an article on the two men. They were both stars and are famous of course.

The above pictures are people from my Senior Lunch group. You must recognize Tommy Ledford.

Oh Boy!

Mr and Mrs James Fallin.

I have been to four or five of these fish frys. They are very nice. Today I was impressed by how many people that I know in Ruston. There were several dozen people at the lunch that I know pretty good and am very fond of.


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