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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Big Ass Fans.

This is Miss Smiley. She has been leading my water aerobics class for ten years. So pleasant . I have fallen in love with her.

The other day she told me that the pool was going to be closed for a few days. I asked her why. She said that they were going to install some big ass fans. I was shocked! My sweet Miss Smiley does not talk like this. I really looked askance at her and almost suggested that she wash her mouth out with soap. She said that Big Ass Fans was the commercial name of the fans and the name of the company that engineered, manufactured and installed them.

Two were installed above the pool. They are a recent development in building air conditioning. They turn slow but move a huge amount of air. Circulating the hot stagnant air in the high space gives a good saving in energy costs. They are big! Around thirty feet in diameter.

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