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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Fiddler and the Folklorist. (Fred Beavers and Dr Susan Roach)

These folks were the main attraction at this month's bluegrass gathering at the RR Station in Arcadia.
Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser has proclaimed October as Louisiana Folklife Month. Several people in different parts of the State are to receive recognition for their contribution to the folklife of the State of Louisiana. Fred Beavers of Simsboro was honored at this event. Fred has been a longtime fiddler in this area and has inspired and taught many people. He is a past State Fiddler Champion. He was joined by friends on the stage in a tune (Faded Love).
Ben Robinson, also a past State Fiddler Champion, was influenced by Fred Beavers and joined him in a tune (Faded Love. Is this the national song of bluegrass?)
Dr Susan Roach (Folklorist at Louisiana Tech) interviewed Fred at some length on his life and musical career. Afterwards she was joined by Acadia Mayor Eugene Smith in the presentation of a certificate from the State.
Congratulations to Fred. We hope that he will fiddle for us for a long time!

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