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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

PrunePicker Memories of my brother, George Edwin Monson.

George was born in Riverside, California in 1918 and passed away in Van Nuys, California in 2003 at the age of 85.

I think George was the best looking of all of his siblings.  He was as handsome as a movie star.
  George's career during the war was also probably the most dashing of anyone in the family. Quite some time before Pearl Harbor, George joined the Navy to take flight training.  After he graduated as a Navy pilot he transferred into the Marine Air Force.  He served in the Pacific and obtained the rank of captain.  I was quite impressed by George and was always proud of him.

Marine Aviator Captain and new bride, Novelle.

I did not spend much time with George as a child. He was sort of adopted by my sister Thelma and her husband Marion. They lived in Taft at the time and I lived in Pomona. George graduated from Taft High School and Taft Junior College. After graduation he took a test for a job with the gas company. Several hundred took the test and two were hired. One of the two was my brother George. The job was digging ditches! You can see how tough it was to get a job in the depression.

About the time that George went to flight training I stayed with him in a house he and some school mates had rented in Taft. We ate at a boarding house. I can remember a room full of men eating good food. George drove us over the mountains to Pomona. It was soon after Pearl Harbor and there were soldiers guarding the bridges in the mountains.  They looked impressive with their green overcoats, helmets, and guns.

George worked for the gas company before and after his time in the Marines. He rose to the position of Superintendent in the San Fernando Valley. He lived in Van Nuys. When my company transferred me to Newhall, George and his wife Novelle graciously let my family move in with them until I could find a house to rent. Jackie and I had four children. The house must have been full as George and Novelle had two boys. I always remember that pleasant time with George and his family.

George and PrunePicker with first borns.

Several times in the years that Jackie and I were RVing we would stop at RV parks near Van Nuys and visit George and Novelle. The last time I saw George, Jackie and I met George and Novelle for lunch at a well known steakhouse in Newhall.

George and his twin sisters, Dallas and Donna.

It was a terrible shock when I heard that George had committed suicide. It was on June 2, 2003 and George had just turned 85. My talented, good looking brother had killed himself. I was so proud of him. I could not believe the news. I have since had several visits with Novelle. The suicide must have been due to depression over medical problems.

My two oldest brothers killed themselves with firearms. They were such happy good looking men in their prime. I enjoyed them, loved them and was proud of them. Why did they do this shocking thing? Keith was just 59 and as far as I know was in fair health (alcohol?). George was at home and able to walk short distances. I continually monitor my self for any tendency to do such a thing. I get blue and depressed since the death of Jackie but I usually do not have any such thoughts. I know what a shock it is and how it is such a sad thing for the survivors of a suicide. I do not want to put my family through such an ordeal.

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  1. Daddy, Bob's mom went to high school in Taft with Uncle George.


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