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Sunday, August 21, 2016

PrunePicker Memories of my Father, Charles Abner Monson. Part 3.

How did Mom  and Dad get from Elk City, Oklahoma to Holtville, California in 1907? Holtville is 12 miles from the Mexican border.
It is a few miles from El Centro. This is not the prettiest part of California. Hot, dry, but when you have water you can hear truck crops growing. Hot day and night. I think about the young couple from Kansas working on a farm in the area. (Farms here are called Ranches) My 18 year old Mom with a baby girl (my oldest sister Nita).

In two years my sister Thelma was born. Thelma was born in Long Beach. Mom's family had moved during these two years to Long Beach. (they later settled in the Bay area. Oakland and Berkeley) I suppose that the Knowlton's were too embarrassed by my Mom's early pregnancy to stay in Stirling and sold their farm and moved to California.

Three years later Jean was born in Redlands. The Monsons stayed in the the Redlands area for some time.  Jean, Dallas, Donna, and Keith were born in Redlands. In 1918 my brother George was born in Riverside. In 1921 Warren was born in Chino. I, Charles Elbert, was born in Pomona in 1925.

I would say the surroundings were nicer in Pomona that in Holtville. I liked Pomona. It was an hour from the snow on Mt Baldy, and an hour from the beach at Long Beach. I used both places a lot.

I have no idea how much schooling my Dad had. I wish that I had asked. I suppose it came up but i sure do not remember. He was a hard working man. And until the depression had supported his family well.

Dad was good looking in the John Wayne style.
He would debate politics and religion at length. I remember his religious discussions with my Grandmother.

I remember going with him to a political feed out in the country. The feed was given by Jerry Voorhis. Jerry was a candidate for Congress. I remember slot machines at the feed. It was exciting to a young boy. It seemed so sinful, I know it was illegal. After five terms in Congress Jerry was defeated by Richard Nixon. You remember Richard, huh?

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