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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The mystery of Patches's kittens, litter 2.

Last April/May Patches had a litter under the deck.

They were so much fun. During this time a big bite was taken out of Patches's leg. Also the white kitten disappeared. We found a home for the tabby.

Then a second blessed event. Patches gave birth to a litter late in July. We assumed that the kittens were under the deck. Patches showed up for food several times a day and to wrestle on my lap. I was like an expectant dad. Looking for kittens and calling them at the deck. Days went by. Four weeks old. No kittens. We noticed that Patches was up by the highway often. (litter across the highway?) Our place is about 150 feet from the highway. (heavily wooded). Across the street is about the same. It seems that Patches crosses the highway seven or eight times a day. She must eat at our place and feed her kittens across the street. She is on my porch at five am. She returns for food during the rest of the day.

I am a very frustrated expectant dad. Those kittens are at their peak of cuteness. I have not had even a glimpse! Cats that come out of the woods can be strange.

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