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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Patches and the Prunepicker.

Patches and I are sweet on each other. Several times Patches has walked up the driveway to meet me if I park my car up at the road for a few minutes. Then she walks me down the driveway. She often meets me in the yard when I park. She then leads me to the gazebo where we pet and wrestle. I am trying to train her not to bite me. Ouch!

I have had two dogs, Lucky for 15 years, and Rex for three years. But that was 35 years ago. I have never had a cat. I really don't have a cat now. Patches has conditionally adopted me. She came out of the woods and moved into John and Kerry's yard.

She is on her second liter. I am anxious to see the new kittens. They are about four weeks old but have never been out from under the deck. A wet nipple review indicates that the liter is small. 2 or 3 kittens.

Patches has never let me pick her up. I can not touch her normally. She jumps onto my lap when she is ready. Lap time for months has always been in the gazebo. She would lead me there. Since I now have a covered porch (with a chair) I have been working on getting Patches to come on the porch and get on my lap. Tonight I succeeded!

I wonder if I can get her in the trailer.

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  1. I love this story. With a cat like Patches it's all about baby steps...and patience.


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