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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Gentle cynic.

My last blog quoted Eric Hofer's "The True Believer". The quote was:

Three types of persons are mentioned in the quote; (1) The religious fanatic, (2) the fanatical atheist, and (3) the gentile cynic.

Some of the people that I love are atheists. I thought that reading this quote might cause them to rethink their belief. I do not believe that we know enough to believe with certainty, in either God or no God.

The term gentle cynic caught my eye. I have looked up the definition of gentle and cynic. I believe that the term states my religious status.

I recently turned 90 years old. I have been exposed to the Christian message since the age of five. Many wonderful people have tutored me. I have read the Bible. I have studied the Bible. I have been well churched. I have even attended a Billy Graham rally. I have attended many classes and church retreats of several days. After 85 years of thought and study I am an unbeliever. I do not believe in the basic tenets of Christianity or any other religion. I am at peace with my religious status. I believe that I am as happy as one can reasonably expect.

My 85 years of religious study has left me with a strong affinity (love) for Christians and Christian music. I love gospel music. I am a bluegrass music fan. Bluegrass music is as often as not, Christian music. This does not bother me, one whit.

I pray. (a lot)


  1. Well said, Mr. Chuck. This isn't the easiest part of the world to live in while being a unbeliever. Most believers think that you have come to this conclusion out of ignorance. They find it hard to understand that many years of thought and study can lead you to a decision other than the one that they have come to, sometimes with much less thought and study. Christianity is so ingrained in the culture here that it is easy to feel like you need to be "in the closet" so as not to be discriminated against, at worst, or constantly preached to, to say the least. I try to just focus on the fact that no matter how entrenched in politics, morals, and social "norms" Christianity wants to be, that the focus of it all should just be love. That is something that no religion has exclusive rights to. Thanks for being such a good example of that, Mr. Chuck.

    Love and Hugs,

    1. Thanks AB for the thoughtful reading of and comments about my blog. I really appreciate your interest and time. Love and Hugs, Chuck


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