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Saturday, February 22, 2014

We grow justly weary of our politics.

The title of my post today is the first sentence of a paragraph in the book "THINGS THAT MATTER' by Charles Krauthammer. Here is the whole paragraph. The paragraph is on page 129 of the book.

We grow justly weary of our politics. But we must remember this: Politics--in all its grubby, grasping, corrupt, contemptible manifestations--is sovereign in human affairs. Everything ultimately rests upon it.

This statement by Charles just about hits the nail dead center.

We must take an interest in politics. We should participate. Politics are too important. That is why we need lots of press, lots of grassroots organizations, lots of yelling and discussion. Lots of opinionated commentators. We should be thankful for everyone of these that we have. Even Russ, George, Bill, Charles, Glenn, Michelle, Keith, Neil, Sean, Michael, Stephen, Laura, Sarah, Jon, Ann, and Rachel. There are a hundred more.

We should attempt to make political office a place for thoughtful service, rather than a ticket to a life of sloth and corruption. We should do all we can to see that our Constitution is adhered to.

I am grateful to the English Nobles and the Magna Carta.

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